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OHTO Nordic Home provides Finnish furniture and decor products online

The furniture in the OHTO Nordic Home range have been designed and manufactured in Finland. The modern, Scandinavian design of our products is discreet, but with a bold and distinct expression.

Finnish design, environmental friendliness, nature, domestic production, quality and innovation create the basis for the design of our products. We wanted to create a range of products that is perfect for modern Scandinavian homes.

Our products are designed for those who appreciate style, aesthetics, domestic production, quality, and environmental friendliness. Creation of new products that can withstand the test of time is our passion. 

It is particularly important to us that the products are made in Finland, which means that we can ensure that they are safe and of high quality and that they have been manufactured carefully, without compromise. We are all extremely proud of the fact that our plywood and birch products come from the Finnish forests.

OHTO Nordic Home Oy was authorized to use the "Design from Finland" label on their furniture as a signifier of Finnish design in Helsinki on September 6, 2018.