Home maintenance

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Ecological products made in Finland for everyday use.

Our range includes high-quality, carefully selected ecological home maintenance products made in Finland.

We have chosen the greatest products from the best Finnish brands for every home, so that you can find all the high-quality Finnish products you need in one place.

In addition to the domestic production and environmental friendliness, the design of the products also considers their aesthetic nature and appearance. These products do not have to be hidden away, and instead they become part of the decor of your home.

Our range includes various wonderful Finnish products, such as laundry vinegar and powder, dish soap, kitchen sprays, and many more.

Our homes are very dear and important to us, and they deserve the best, most high-quality products available.

Because all our home maintenance products are made in Finland, you can be sure of their quality and safety. And all these products have been manufactured in an environmentally friendly manner.

Products that are suitable for friends of modern, Scandinavian style!