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Why the name Ohto and do you know what it means?

Ohto is an archaic Finnish word for bear. Throughout history, Finns have used various nicknames and substitutes to refer to the king of the forest, such as Otso, Ohto, Kontio, and Kouvo. Our ancestors used euphemisms to avoid calling the great and dreaded beast to come to them. Bears were feared, but they were also considered highly sacred and respected. And what else could better describe the spirit and dignity of the Finnish nature than the most prestigious dweller of our forests. Otso, the son of Henna, one of our founders, born in 2014 was also named after this ruler of the forest.

We wanted to create a completely new range of interior decoration products and furniture that combines daring Finnish design with quality, nature, and domestic as well as Scandinavian characteristics, realized in an aesthetic manner.

To us, like so many others, the Finnish forests, nature, and domestic production are extremely important and precious to us.

All products are designed and manufactured here in Finland. The products are made using Finnish craftmanship.

All our paper products are made by an environmentally certified Finnish printer. 

For our part, we want to support Finnish design and labor as much as possible and, for example, our online furniture and decoration store is built on the Finnish Finqu platform.

We also want our operation to consume as few natural resources as possible! We believe that it is the responsibility of all companies to introduce environmentally sustainable products to the market. All our wood products are made from Finnish birch.

In addition to our furniture, the ecological nature of our operation is also present on a grass-roots level. Our offices employ a recycling scheme and use only green electricity. We ship our products packaged in cardboard and paper, and we do not fill our packages with plastic. We also do not use animal-based products, such as leather or wool in our products.

OHTO Nordic Home Founders


The mother of two children and a domestic partner. Her children Lilja and Otso have been one of her most significant sources of inspiration, creativity, and courage. In 2018, her dreams were finally clearly defined with the establishment of OHTO Nordic Home Oy.

Henna is a vegetarian, and she has always been fond of animals and enjoyed the outdoors. She says that her best ideas emerge while walking through a forest in the summertime. Henna believes that there is nothing as calming as walking deep in the forest, sensing its history and future.

 “As an aesthete, I hope that in the products we have designed, people can find the beauty and soul of nature combined with modern style and design. Living in Finland surrounded by the nature and trees is an immense source of wealth. Being Finnish and working with ecological values gives us the opportunity to introduce a piece of the nature indoors and bring the spirit of the forest to your home <3”


Sini and Henna are cousins. Already as little girls, they lived next to each other, on the bank of the same river surrounded by trees and fields. They spent their childhood together, playing outside like all the children in the small village, each taking care of the other.

Today, Sini is the mother of three small children. Kiia, Venni, and Ava keep their mom busy, but also provide a source of energy and inspiration, which is also useful in enterprise, according to her. Sini loves spending time in the nature, and her hobbies include running, hiking, and nature photography. She often brings something back from her trips to the nature, as she believes that the outdoors can be a great source of decor.

“I hope that people fall in love with our products in the same way that I do, time after time. It is such a lovely idea that our products combine Finnish design, style, environmental friendliness, and the Finnish nature.”

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