FIINI NATURALLY Laundry vinegar, fruity

Fiini Naturally
FIINI NATURALLY Laundry vinegar, fruity
FIINI NATURALLY Laundry vinegar, fruity


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Fresh, fruity-scented, biodegradable and ecological laundry vinegar and freshener for your washing machine!

This product is made with love of Finnish vinegar by hand in Ostrobothnia, Kyrö. Packed in a 500ml recyclable, reusable glass bottle.

The product is used in laundry instead of rinse aid. Made from Finnish fermented vinegar and non-allergenic fragrance oil handmade in Ostrobothnia. Fruity laundry is 99.6% biodegradable and thus an ecological product.

The product is packed in a 500ml ultra-strong, recyclable glass bottle. You can always re-use the bottle after emptying it as you wish, even several times before the end of its life cycle and final recycling.

You can also safely use laundry cloths for textiles for which an ordinary rinse aid does not fit. (wool, linen, sportswear, tricot textiles containing spandex, technical outdoor clothing)

Does not contain chemicals.

Safe product for you, your home and the environment.

Keeps textiles and clothing and bedding soft
Preserve and brighten the colors of your clothes
Removes unwanted odors from textiles
Removes old washing residues from textiles and washing machines
Prevents and eliminates yellowing
Can also be used for textiles containing elastane
Dispense about 2-3 tablespoons directly into the washer rinse container.

Contains: Finnish vinegar produced by natural fermentation and non-allergenic fragrance oil.

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