FIINI NATURALLY Clean soap, fruity

Fiini Naturally
FIINI NATURALLY Clean soap, fruity
FIINI NATURALLY Clean soap, fruity


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FIINI NATURALLY Cleaning soap, fruity

Effective, biodegradable and natural cleaning soap for all natural cleansing.

Piece n.140g.

USE: Rub the soap directly into a wet damp cloth or cleaning cloth, or a peel with knife to warm water or in a spray bottle, and let it soak to get the finished solution. The solution remains approximately 3.4 weeks after preparation.

Well suited for example floor, for tiles, steel, glass surfaces, plastic, toilet furniture, stove and oven cleaning, wiping wooden surfaces and washing! The product is for cleaning only, not for skin use. Very effective and good product for demanding and stubborn dirt. Safe for use also as a spray because the product does not contain any chemicals that are released when sprayed into the air.

The product is handmade in Finland, Kyrö in Ostrobothnia <3

Contains: 30% <soap. Sodium cocoate (saponified coconut fat), an allergen-free fragrance oil

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