FIINI NATURALLY Vacuum powder, peppermint

Fiini Naturally
FIINI NATURALLY Vacuum powder, peppermint
FIINI NATURALLY Vacuum powder, peppermint

300g.Vacuum powder will instantly refresh your home textiles.

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The delightful vacuum powder from Fiini Naturally refreshes home textiles in no time.

The vacuum powder removes unpleasant stale odors and leaves your home with a mild and delightful peppermint scent.

Bag size 300g.


HOW TO USE: Sprinkle vacuum powder over extile and let it work for about 20 minutes and vacuum off.  Can be used on all home textile surfaces, such as carpets, furniture
or pet bedding. Also suitable for removing odors from shoes! You can also vacuum a spoonful of powder directly into the vacuum cleaner if you only want a scent and no textiles that require refreshing. Also suitable for bagless vacuum cleaners.

The product is manufactured in Finland Ostrobothnia.


CONTAINS: Sodium bicarbonate, fragrance of organic peppermint essential oil

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