ILONA Luonkos Radiant facial cleansing cake

ILONA Luonkos Radiant facial cleansing cake
ILONA Luonkos Radiant facial cleansing cake ILONA Luonkos Radiant facial cleansing cake

Radiant facial cleansing cake

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ILONA Luonkos Radiant facial cleansing cake

Very wonderful and unique product for skin care! The completely unique products of Ilona Luonkos series will make you change your cleaning routine!

Radiant - Tear - all skin types (no added scents)

Designed for all skin types, Radiant cleans and cares for the skin and delicately removes makeup. The buckle includes e.g. Vitamins B, E, and C that strengthen the skin and accelerate its recovery. Shea butter cares and softens the skin, making it more flexible, making it stronger against external strain. Apricot stone oil is a skin-nourishing and moisturizing oil. Coconut oil and cocoa butter help to remove makeup and dirt from your skin. By using the product daily, the skin's moisture balance is restored and balanced. Impurities can initially activate, but your skin will calm down when it reaches its natural balance. The cake is really good in use. One cake is usually enough for about 3-6 months.

Natural Cosmetics from Finland <3 An ecological and ethical choice for your skin. The product is safe for you and nature. Very eco-friendly, good-looking product!

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