HEMPEA Aivi small towel 50x50 cm

HEMPEA Aivi small towel 50x50 cm
HEMPEA Aivi small towel 50x50 cm HEMPEA Aivi small towel 50x50 cm HEMPEA Aivi small towel 50x50 cm

100% hemp fabric, many colors

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HEMPEA Aivi Small towel 50x50 cm 

100% hemp

Made in Finland, Lapland.

Available in natural white, gray and beige. The color of the untreated hemp may vary slightly between the fabrics.

A small hemp towel is simply beautiful and functional as a kitchen towel, as a napkin or as a hand towel.


The product is designed and manufactured in Finnish Lapland. The products are inspired by pure nature, lush lakes and wooded forests.
The country of origin of the organic hemp fabric is Romania.
The design, manufacture and packaging of the product are designed to be as environmentally friendly as possible: minimize and utilize the resulting surplus of fabric, organic cotton logo and washing marks, packaging made from recycled materials and minimize the use of packaging material.


Towel size 50x50 cm

100% hemp
Wash at 40 ° C
Bleaching detergent, rinse aid or tumble drying is not recommended
Ironing with Wet Hot (3 points)
Shrink by up to 2-3%
HEMPEA's products soften and improve in use.

50 cm
50 cm
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