Maasta Ceramics LAINE Mug

Maasta Ceramics
Maasta Ceramics LAINE Mug
Maasta Ceramics LAINE Mug Maasta Ceramics LAINE Mug Maasta Ceramics LAINE Mug Maasta Ceramics LAINE Mug

Capacity: 5 dl

31,00 €
Including VAT. 24.00 %
Delivery time 14 - 28 workdays

Maasta Ceramics LAINE Mug

The mug is glazed with food safe white glaze. Dishwasher and microwave safe.

Size: 9×9 cm (WxH)

Capacity: 5 dl


Laine-series is designed for a Scandinavian kitchen, to solve storage problems in the most stylish way! The twirly texture is hand made on the thrown pottery one at a time and always turns out unique.

Please notice, that since all the products are handmade, the final product might be slightly different from the original photo.

One size. If the product’s not on stock, the delivery time will be 3-5 weeks.


Maasta Ceramics is a Finnish-English pottery business from Kristiinankaupunki, Finland. All our products are durable stoneware, and have been fired in 1240 degrees in a pottery kiln. The pottery’s been thrown on a pottery wheel in small series, and the decorations have been added afterwards by hand. This makes every piece unique.

We put great pride in our products, and wish that you can find something aesthetically pleasing to use, something you can cherish for a long time!  We get our inspiration from the surrounding nature. The influence can be seen in the natural forms, colours and patterns in our ceramics. 

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