PinjaPuu SYREENIKIITÄJÄ -necklace

PinjaPuu SYREENIKIITÄJÄ -necklace
PinjaPuu SYREENIKIITÄJÄ -necklace PinjaPuu SYREENIKIITÄJÄ -necklace

Material: Finnish FSC and PEFC certified birch plywood

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The Syrenian butterfly is flying at night from the beginning of June to the end of July and is attracted by the light. It enjoys gardens and parks. One of the largest butterflies in Finland, the Syrenian butterfly wings span spread is 81-120 mm.

SYREENIKIITÄJÄ necklace has a wing spacing of 12cm. Thickness 4mm.

Materials: Finnish FSC and PEFC certified birch plywood, stainless steel (no nickel), cotton cord, adjustable length.

Jewelry package: Eco-board and paper string

Take care: When not using jewelry, keep it protected from light.

Made in Finland

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