OUTLET OHTO Nordic Home -KAISLA wooden rack 100cm

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OUTLET OHTO Nordic Home -KAISLA wooden rack 100cm
OUTLET OHTO Nordic Home -KAISLA wooden rack 100cm OUTLET OHTO Nordic Home -KAISLA wooden rack 100cm OUTLET OHTO Nordic Home -KAISLA wooden rack 100cm OUTLET OHTO Nordic Home -KAISLA wooden rack 100cm

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This very beautiful and timeless KAISLA wooden rack is designed and manufactured in Finland.

A simply beautiful design product for a home decorator. For clothes or even hanging plants. Try instead of curtains in front of the window and put your favorite plant to hang here! Or near for storing a blanket.Usefull in a kitchen for cooking items.

The product is only for interior use! This product is not designed for children. If used as cloth rack in kids room, please make sure it is in a safe place and height.

All our furniture is surface treated with products that are environmentally friendly and ecological.

The surface treatment of the rack is also done by hand in Finland.

This modern and simple wooden rack is for indoor use only.

The quality of these natural ropes of the rack is 100% linen and are hand-braided in Finland.

Linenrope thickness is 7mm.

Rack thickness 2,8 cm, made out of finnish certificated birch.

The linen is characterized by beautiful, glossy shine, smooth surface, strength and good light resistance.

Natural fiber rope is an ecological choice. There is no waste, no water is wasted and electricity consumption is almost non-existent throughout the manufacturing process. The end-of-life rope can be safely discarded, for example, by composting.

The natural fiber rope is beautiful and lasts for decades if it is well maintained.

The linen product does not become dirty easily, does not electrify, cleans well and lasts long. The ropes can be hand-washed or hand-washed, without spinning. White color with 90 C ° wash, black max. 30 ° C

Product Includes 2.8m rope. The rope can be shortened if desired. Includes instructions.

If desired, you can attach, either with one or two hooks, depending on the application.

Mounting hooks are not included.

Product to be assembled.

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28 mm
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