SIJA bambu duvet set

SIJA bambu duvet set
SIJA bambu duvet set SIJA bambu duvet set

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Vera-Vera´s Soft Bamboo Duvet set. 100% bamboo.

Designed and manufactured in Finland.

Soft bamboo sheets resemble cotton satin. Bamboo is an ecological material that grows almost by itself, up to 15cm a day! Bamboo is allergy-friendly, and the silk smooth is especially well suited for the child's sensitive skin. The cushion cover and duvet cover have a zipper. The fabric is washed ready, so it will not shrink any more, and the bamboo sheets are ready to use!

 Care instructions:

    Machine wash 40 ° C.
    No fabric softener, laundry vinegar can be used.
    Ironing: *

Because of its antibacterial properties, bamboo cleans well even at low temperatures. You can wash the bamboo at either 30 ° C or 40 ° C depending on the dirt. With a laundry vinegar you get a wonderfully fresh scent!

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